Jennifer Aniston just snuck into a beauty store in disguise to check out her LolaVie launch 🥸

jennifer aniston disguise ulta lolavie
Jen just went shopping in disguise to see LolaVieAmy Sussman - Getty Images

Jennifer Aniston is just a dose of sunshine, and her latest video made us love her more than we already did – a feat we didn't think was possible. The actress' haircare brand LolaVie, has just launched at US beauty retailer Ulta Beauty, and like any proud brand owner, she naturally wanted to go see her products on sale in the retail giant. However for a mega star like Jen, it's not going to be like my lunch break nip to Boots now is it? But that didn't stop her.

Avoiding the frenzy that presumably follows when she's out in public, Jen donned a disguise she seems very comfortable in (undoubtably not the first time), and snuck into the store.

Saying in the video: "Ok there it is! This is very exciting guys, we're at Ulta and we're gunna sneak in, and LolaVie is launching. So I'm just gunna get a little hat on here, put my sunglasses on, and we're gunna go see what it looks like in the store. Let's go, come on."

We will follow you anywhere, Jen. Anywhere.

Pairing the presumable dog-chewn hat with a comfy long cardigan complete with pulled thread, Jen did look delightfully normy. Though there wasn't a tonne of customers seen in the clip, we do hear a store staff member greet Jen with a 'hello' that certainly doesn't sound like the hello of someone who's just seen Jennifer Aniston, even after Jen's 'Hi' response.

Making it out of the store unseen, Jen scampers back to the car with her LolaVie haul, buzzing from the successful mission; "I mean come on, this is so exciting."

While LolaVie isn't available at UK retailers yet, the official site will ship to the UK. Both the Restorative Shampoo and Glossing Detangler have won beauty awards from our comrades at Cosmo US, so if you're thinking of buying, they would be a good place to start!


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