Jennifer Garner's New Netflix Movie Will Have So Many Nods to '13 Going on 30'

Family Switch involves body-swap hijinks, so it makes total sense.

After taking on a darker role in her Apple TV+ series The Last Thing He Told Me, Jennifer Garner is firmly back in the world of comedy. Her next flick is set to be Netflix's Family Switch, which involves body switching, so it's only natural that there are a few nods to 13 Going on 30. Director McG (real name Joseph McGinty Nichol), who was also behind the Charlie's Angels flicks, explained that he made sure that there were plenty of Easter eggs for any Jenna Rink fans tuning in.

"We overtly mention 13 Going on 30," he told Entertainment Weekly. "There's a meta sort of runner in the movie because I like showing the audience that kind of respect. We get it, we get it."

The movie will see Garner finding herself in the body of her teenage daughter, played by Wednesday star Emma Myers. The film also stars The Office's Ed Helms and everyone's favorite, Rita Moreno. Garner's character isn't the only person switching bodies, everyone in the family gets in on the action, including the dog. While the director isn't giving away all the references to 13 Going on 30, the movie will have a dance sequence, so that's all some fans will need to hear to queue it up.

<p>Colleen Hayes/Netflix</p>

Colleen Hayes/Netflix

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McG also opened up about the film's message beyond the laughs. He added that the film comes at a "moment in the world where we could certainly use a dose of that."

"We hope that it's surprising and light and more intelligent than you might think. I mean, my favorite way to make movies is to synthesize highbrow and lowbrow, where a kid could watch it and understand what's going on," he explained. "But a parent could watch it and ingest the material on a totally different, more sophisticated level, which is something I think Pixar does better than anybody, and I aspire to do that."

Family Switch arrives on Netflix Nov. 30.

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