Jennifer Lopez’s Bright White, Summer-Ready Handbag Is Surprisingly Affordable

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Shop her exact style for $76 before it’s gone.

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I know Jennifer Lopez tells us not to be fooled by the rocks that she’s got, but it’s hard not to when she walks around carrying $43,500 bags. Needless to say I was surprised when she stepped out wearing a summer-perfect purse that was equal parts chic and affordable. So let’s get loud for the modestly-priced handbag.

The accessory in question is none other than the Charles and Keith Crescent Hobo Bag. Jennifer Lopez already wore the bag once in September, but recently brought it back out of her closet this past Mother’s Day, per the brand. Unfortunately, the medium size Lopez is carrying has since sold out, though it’s still available to purchase in the lavender shade. But if you’re like me and desire that clean, crisp look, then opt for the Mini Crescent Hobo Bag, which rings in at $76.

<p>Charles & Keith</p>

Charles & Keith

Shop now: $76;

This version is identical to J.Lo’s handheld purse, simply shrunken down a size. If you want an everyday bag that isn’t too bulky and is easy to carry, then this smaller version is actually ideal for your needs. Even better, the mini version comes with a chain-link strap in addition to a simple leather option. Or, you can ditch the attachments all together and carry it from the top handle like Lopez.

<p>Instagram @robzangardi</p>

Instagram @robzangardi

No matter how you show off your new Charles and Keith bag, you can look forward to a curved silhouette, gold accents, and (my favorite part) a white sophisticated hue. White has been popping up everywhere this season, from Kate Middleton’s bright heels to Eva Longoria’s linen three-piece set. The hue isn’t anything new for summer; it’s actually a sunny weather staple thanks to the fact that light bounces off the luminous color, creating a dazzling effect with every move.

This little white bag isn’t only essential for making like Lopez and jumping on summer’s hottest color alike, but also for finishing off every look in your closet. Shorts and a basic tee? Check. A bright pink dress? Absolutely. A full-on milky hued suit set? That too. You’ll undoubtedly be reaching for this uncomplicated handbag left and right, getting your money’s worth fast. Best of all, it’s easy to throw on and go, as it takes little to no thinking when it comes to styling this must-have accessory.

But if you’re still not certain that this is the style for you, then consider some other Charles and Keith purses that mimic the same overall look. This ruched nylon pick is great for a more casual approach, while this woven option is laid-back and cool. Even better, they’re both under $90. So shop the bag Lopez has been wearing on repeat, or forge a purse journey of your own.

<p>Charles & Keith</p>

Charles & Keith

Shop now: $73;

<p>Charles & Keith</p>

Charles & Keith

Shop now: $83;

<p>Charles & Keith</p>

Charles & Keith

Shop now: $86;

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