‘Jeopardy’ Winner Dubbed ‘Instant Legend’ After Accidentally Making Sexual Gesture

A “Jeopardy!” contestant proved to be a real-life Sheldon Cooper when she inadvertently suggested she knew way more about flags than sex.

During the Final Jeopardy round of Monday’s episode, all three contestants were given the clue: “The flag of this Asian nation features part of a World Heritage Site built in the 12th century.”

Mira Hayward of Portland, Oregon, gave the correct answer ― Cambodia ― but, like her fellow contestants, she wagered zero dollars.

The $0 wager won her the game, however, and Hayward decided to celebrate by lifting her hands, curling her fingers into “0” signs, and waving her arms back and forth.

The inadvertently suggestive gesture seemed to be a highlight of the game for a few “Jeopardy!” fans on social media.

Hayward didn’t immediately respond to HuffPost’s request for comment.

Although the accident was certainly funny, here’s hoping “Jeopardy!” fans simply giggle and move on.

Former “Jeopardy!” champ Anji Nyquist had to put “creeps” on blast last year when she held an Instagram Q&A with fans and quickly realized several people were not interested in her intellect.

“There were a lot of people who asked, ‘Would you do an OnlyFans? It would be really popular,’” Nyquist told The U.S. Sun at the time.

So, if you’re a “Jeopardy!” fan whose response to Hayward’s gaffe is “What’s her contact info?” ― maybe get a clue about sexual harassment.