Jeremy Renner's Daughter Ava: Everything He's Said About Being a Dad

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Jeremy Renner’s daughter Ava “inspires him” every day

<p>Matt Winkelmeyer/GA/The Hollywood Reporter/Getty</p>

Matt Winkelmeyer/GA/The Hollywood Reporter/Getty

The “most important person” in actor Jeremy Renner’s life is his beloved daughter, Ava Berlin Renner.

The Avengers actor welcomed Ava, 10, with ex Sonni Pacheco, in March 2013. He was 42 at the time, and he believes becoming a dad later on in life is “the best thing” he’s ever done.

“By then I achieved a lot of things that I wanted to achieve; I’m so blessed for that. Now I can really spend time with the family,” he told Capitol File magazine in September 2014.

The Hawkeye star had to make some adjustments to his very busy filming schedule after welcoming his daughter, saying his “perspective on things” had changed. “The only thing I think about when I’m not with my baby is, How do I get to my baby?” he said. ”I’m very miserable when I don’t see her. I really love being a father.”

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Being a dad has changed Renner in other ways, too. "She makes me the best version of me," he said in a PEOPLE exclusive clip for his show Rennervations. "She inspires me to be better."

Ava also inspired him to get better after nearly losing his life in a snow plow accident on New Year’s Day 2023. "I stand up for you, and I am stronger than before because of you," he wrote in a touching post for Ava’s 10th birthday. "I am your father, I am your protector, and I am only yours. I love you."

From his sweetest quotes about fatherhood to their adorable joint red carpet appearances, here's everything to know about Jeremy Renner's daughter Ava.

Ava was born in March 2013

Jeremy Renner/instagram
Jeremy Renner/instagram

Ava was born on March 28, 2013, weighing 7 pounds. “They are beyond thrilled,” his spokesperson told PEOPLE in a statement, adding that Pacheco and Ava were both “doing great.”

Jeremy opened up more about Ava’s birth while celebrating her 9th birthday on Instagram in 2022. "As you took your FIRST breath, gripping my finger tightly (palmers reflex), I instantly understood my directive in life as a father,” he said of the special moment. “That if I do right by you, we will be holding hands as I take my LAST breath."

Jeremy and Pacheco got married just under a year after welcoming Ava, but filed for divorce ten months later in December 2014, citing “irreconcilable differences." They currently share custody of Ava.

He credits Ava with “healing him” after his snow plow accident

<p>Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic</p>

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Jeremy was in "critical but stable condition" after a snow plow (said to weigh at least 14,330 lbs.) ran him over on New Year’s Day 2023. The Hurt Locker actor broke more than 30 bones and required multiple surgeries and months of physical therapy.

Just months after the accident, he was up and walking again, and credits his daughter with helping him recover. “Your hugs and your love, have healed me so incredibly fast," he wrote while wishing her a happy 10th birthday on Instagram.

Even Jeremy’s doctor, Dr. Christopher Vincent, said Ava was “one of his strongest motivators” to get up and moving again. "You really reflect on life when something like this happens. It's like, 'Okay, what's important?’” he told PEOPLE exclusively.

Jeremy gave Marvel an ultimatum for Ava

<p>Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic</p>

Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic

Jeremy’s role as Hawkeye in the Marvel films skyrocketed him into being one of the most famous actors in Hollywood, but he was willing to walk away from it all for his daughter.

While filming in London, Jeremy told Men’s Health he was commuting back and forth to Los Angeles every weekend for a year and a half to see his little girl, and he’d finally reached his breaking point.

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"It taught me how to have the nuts to say, 'Everyone, f--- off. It's my time with my daughter,' ” he recalled. "I said, 'Fine, recast me. I'm going to be here with my daughter.' It was pretty gnarly."

He quickly realized his weekend routine with Ava took precedence. "Acting and everything else goes out the window until my daughter says, 'I want to hang out with my friends, and I don't want to be around you so much, Daddy,' ” he added.

Jeremy is cautious about sharing photos of Ava

<p>Jeremy Renner Instagram</p>

Jeremy Renner Instagram

Jeremy tries to be conscientious when it comes to his child’s privacy. While he does share photos of her at home on special occasions, he took care to censor her face while she was still very young.

“That’s the most important thing in my life,” he told E! News at Cinemacon in 2016. “I still don’t expose my baby’s face, just to protect her, or anybody in my family’s face that’s a minor.”

The actor adds that it’s “not his decision to make” and he wants to respect how she may feel in the future. “You don’t need to be world famous because your jackass dad is … that’s my baby. The best thing is being a dad.”

Ava is Jeremy’s favorite red carpet date

<p>Jeremy Renner Instagram</p>

Jeremy Renner Instagram

Ava has, however, made many notable red carpet appearances with her famous father. One of which was his trip to the 2017 Academy Awards, where his film Arrival was nominated for Best Picture. Ava was 3 at the time, and he was so excited to have his mini-me there to support him.

“My date for the Oscars!!” Jeremy wrote alongside a photo from the event. “Omg I could not be more proud!!!” He also added that there were “No words to express for this blessed moment in my life.”

In 2023, she was also by his side for his first red carpet after his accident. The duo wore matching navy blue outfits at the L.A. premiere of his Disney+ reality series Rennervations in April, and Jeremy said it meant “everything” to have his family there.

"They're the fuel behind a lot of things that I do, and it's nice to be able to share this with them and be a part of it," he said.

She’s a "big part" of his show Rennervations

<p>Jeremy Renner Instagram</p>

Jeremy Renner Instagram

On the same red carpet, Jeremy told PEOPLE that Ava has a special role in the series. "My daughter is a big part of the design on some of these, on these buses and these ideas, she's been a big part of that narrative on the show, but also in the behind the scenes of it all,” he explained.

The experience was extra special because it was something they got to share. “It's great to be doing something you love to do with people you love,” Jeremy added. “That, to me, is like what heaven is. That's the greatest dessert. That's the greatest, you know, thing I'll ever do.”

Ava is a big sister

<p>Sonni Pacheco Instagram</p>

Sonni Pacheco Instagram

Ava became a big sister in March 2023 when her mom welcomed another baby girl, Wylder Rayne, with retired NHL player Nathan Thompson. "35th birthday, and she is the best birthday present I could have asked for," Pacheco wrote alongside a photo of the sweet newborn lying on her chest.

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Just a few days later, Pacheco posted a sweet video cuddling with both of her daughters in bed. “It doesn’t get much better than this,” she wrote.

Ava is an artistic kid

Jeremy Renner/Instagram
Jeremy Renner/Instagram

In 2016, Jeremy said he “didn’t know” whether Ava would be an actor like him, but told E! News that he would “steer her away from that.”

“I’ll never say no,” he added, but would prefer she chose a different path. However, his daughter is “definitely artistic, for sure."

"First and foremost, I always want her to be a kid and have a lot of fun," Jeremy explained.

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