Jesse Eisenberg and Adrien Brody Explore an All-Male Cult in Intense “Manodrome” Trailer (Exclusive)

'Manodrome' stars Jesse Eisenberg as a New York City Uber driver who joins an all-male "family"

Jesse Eisenberg joins Adrien Brody's all-male cult in an intense new thriller.

PEOPLE has the exclusive first trailer for Manodrome, which stars Eisenberg as Ralphie, a recently unemployed Uber driver worried about his girlfriend's pregnancy and feeling a lack of "respect" from other men.

He soon accepts an invitation to join an all-male "family," which involves intense hazing rituals.

Ralphie's involvement with the cult of masculinity brings damage to his mental and emotional well-being, as well as his relationship with his girlfriend, played by Odessa Young. He's shown obsessively weightlifting and starting physical altercations.

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<p>Courtesy of Lionsgate</p>

Courtesy of Lionsgate

A synopsis describes Eisenberg's character as "a man wrestling with outside forces and the demons within when he meets a mysterious family of men who welcome him as one of their own."

"As Ralphie struggles to define himself, pressure mounts and a powder keg is lit that will blow a hole in the lives of everyone he touches," the synopsis adds.

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<p>Courtesy of Lionsgate & Grindstone Entertainment Group</p> Jesse Eisenberg in poster for 'Manodrome'

Courtesy of Lionsgate & Grindstone Entertainment Group

Jesse Eisenberg in poster for 'Manodrome'

Writer-director John Trengove tells PEOPLE he became interested in making the movie after reading the 2017 book Kill All Normies, about "the now-notorious online communities of men who renounce relationships with women in favor of a more self-serving path."

"I described the kind of man that terrifies me," Trengove says of writing Eisenberg's character. "An inept child, running from his softness, chasing the mirage of alpha-masculinity."

"Haunted by unformed terrors and fueled by entitlement, Ralphie inflicts himself on the world until he tumbles headfirst into a self-destructive fever dream of his own making."

<p>Courtesy of Lionsgate</p>

Courtesy of Lionsgate

Manodrome, which premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival earlier this year, is produced by Gina Gammell, Ben Giladi, Ryan Zacarias and Riley Keough. Keough, 34, was originally cast as Young's character in the movie but left the project due to scheduling projects, according to Deadline.

Manodrome is in theaters Nov. 10, and on digital Nov. 17.

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