Jesse Watters Makes Gobsmacking Boast About Fox News

Fox News host Jesse Watters on Wednesday made an astonishing boast about the conservative network that sent Twitter users into overdrive. (Watch the video below.)

“There’s only two items that if you took it off TV, there’d be a revolution in this country: football and Fox News,” Watters declared in a clip tweeted by The Daily Beast’s Justin Baragona. “You can take anything else off, television, cable, or broadcast, and the country stays the same. If you remove college and pro football and this channel, this country would not tolerate it.”

While Fox News has reportedly enjoyed a 30-month ratings winning streak in cable news despite an immediate dip after the firing of Tucker Carlson, many critics on X (formerly Twitter) said Watters’ assertion is heavy on hyperbole.

Some sarcastically invited Fox News to remove itself to see if Watters is correct. Others said viewers would merely turn to another conservative outlet. “Same crap different channel,” one wrote. A few went after the hosts’ egos.

Check out their responses and more: