Jessica Barden slams 'posh actors' like Emma Corrin for 'working class tourism'

Jessica Barden has accused "posh actors" like Emma Corrin of "working class tourism" for coveting "gritty" roles.
'The Lobster' star hails from the English region of North Yorkshire and she has expressed her annoyance after fellow screen star Emma - who uses the pronouns they /them - declared they wanted to appear in an independent film after a previous turn in royal drama 'The Crown'.
In an interview with The Sunday Times newspaper's Culture magazine, she explained: "I hate words like gritty or feisty.
"Gritty means working class and feisty means you have an opinion. I die inside when I read them. Emma Corrin finished playing [Princess] Diana in 'The Crown' and said they wanted to do a 'gritty' independent film in Scotland with an 'outrageous accent' and red hair.
"I was, like, why are you allowed to talk like this? How is working class tourism still OK for posh actors?"
She went on to insist the description of "gritty" means something else when it's relating to a script she's given, adding: "I'm from Yorkshire. I get a script for a gritty working class woman, and it means I'm playing somebody being abused."
Emma previously opened up about plans for their career after 'The Crown' in an interview with the Guardian newspaper - declaring they didn't want to be "pigeon-holed" in "posh English" roles after playing Princess Diana.
They said: "The industry loves to pigeonhole. The sooner I can move away from doing posh English, the better, even though that's what I am ... I want to do a gritty, independent film, maybe in Scotland or something. I'll have an outrageous accent, and flowing red hair."