Jessie James Decker gets her wish as her husband has a vasectomy: 'I kid you not!'

Jessie James Decker's husband Eric has had a vasectomy.
The 35-year-old country star - who is already mum to Vivianne, nine, Eric Jr., seven, and Forrest, five - welcomed a son named Denver Calloway Decker on February 9 and now it appears that they have had their last as former NFL player Eric , 37. revealed he underwent the operation that acts as a form of male birth control.
Eric revealed the news on Instagram, where he posted a picture of himself wearing a humours grey T-shirt that read: "Vasectomy survivor. I kid you not."
Just weeks prior to the arrival of baby number four, the 'Should Have Known Better' singer confirmed that the couple aren't planning to have any more babies so she's been asking her partner to go under the knife - but at the time, she said he was refusing because he feared the surgery will "take his manhood away".
She told Us Weekly: “I keep asking him, ‘Go make that appointment’ and he won’t. He just won’t do it. He says it takes, like, his manhood away from him. So he’s just gonna leave it, I guess."
Eric previously admitted he feels "nervous" about having a vasectomy - and he worries their plans may change in the future. He told the publication: "It’s a little power being taken. That’s how I feel. I’m a little nervous about it, to be honest.
"You don’t know where life will take you in the next five years … We have amazing kids, so I don’t want a lot of love being taken."
Meanwhile, his wife has explained the secret to their long and happy marriage - putting their happiness down to good communication and regular date nights.
She said:"We really try to make it a point [and say], like, ‘Let’s have these moments where we lay in here and we pillow talk each other … and just make sure we give each other that time. It’s so important. Even early on in the day we’ll be like, ‘Is tonight the night?’ We make sure that we flirt [and] we get each other excited."