Jimmy Kimmel’s 6-Year-Old Son Defends Olivia Rodrigo’s Honor, Offers to Punch Her Ex-Boyfriend ‘in the Penis’ — WATCH

If Olivia Rodrigo ever tweaks the lyrics to her revenge fantasy banger “Get Him Back,” Jimmy Kimmel’s son has some thoughts.

In a viral video that debuted on Tuesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host and his wife, Molly, are seen taking their children — Jane, 9, and Billy, 6 — to school when they “discover” Rodrigo hitchhiking on the side of the road.

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“Oh my God, Billy, it’s Olivia Rodrigo,” Jane exclaims to her brother as the actress/pop phenom hops into the car, rendering Kimmel’s kids speechless.

Once their shock and awe begins to fade, Jane and Billy share with Rodrigo their favorite songs off of her sophomore album, Guts. The former singles out “Ballad of a Homeschool Girl” as her No. 1 pick, while the latter identifies “Get Him Back” as his track of choice.

Oh, and Billy’s interest in “Get Him Back” extends beyond just the catchy tune. Turns out the kid is deeply invested in the ill-fated relationship that inspired the song.

Explaining her son’s honorable intentions to Rodrigo, Molly divulges that Billy “wants to get him back for you,” which tickles the Grammy winner to no end. Mom then asks Billy, “What do you want to do when you get him back?”

Without missing a beat, the grade schooler mutters, “Punch him in the penis.”

The PG-13 rated crack sends Rodrigos’s jaw to the floor. She then gamely joins the Kimmel family in a sing-a-long of both aforementioned songs, setting up the climactic Carpool Karaoke joke we all knew was coming.

Press PLAY above to watch the funny/charming video and then riddle us this in the comments: What’s your favorite ditty from Guts?

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