Jimmy Kimmel reveals what would be top of his list of Trump’s assets to seize

Jimmy Kimmel laid into Donald Trump on his Thursday night show, revealing which of his assets would be at the top of his list to seize.

The former president is currently scrambling to pay a $464m bond resulting from a judgement against him in his civil fraud trial in New York.

Letitia James, the New York attorney general, said she was prepared to begin seizing his assets if he could not find the cash to pay the bond by Monday.

“The great white supremacist has until Monday to come up with a $464 million bond, or the state may seize and sell his property,” Mr Kimmel said on his late-night show.

“They could seize his golf course at Bedminster,” he continued, adding that his buildings, including Trump Tower, could also be seized. “If they seize Trump Tower where will Donald get his authentic Mexican taco bowls?” Mr Kimmel quipped.

But while the seizing of the former president’s golf course and Trump Tower would be significant, there is one more asset that Mr Kimmel would be even more pleased to see seized.

Jimmy Kimmel revealed which of Trump’s assets would be at the top of his list to seize (Jimmy Kimmel Live)
Jimmy Kimmel revealed which of Trump’s assets would be at the top of his list to seize (Jimmy Kimmel Live)

“They could even seize his plane. I’d vote for that,” Mr Kimmel said. “I can think of nothing more delightful. Can you imagine the sight of Donald Trump standing in line for a Southwest flight in boarding group C?”

Mr Trump’s lawyers said this week that he does not have the cash to pay the bond, which is accumulating interest, while bond companies are reportedly reluctant to loan him the money.

However, Mr Kimmel said some insiders believe that’s just a negotiating tactic by the bond companies to extract better terms from Mr Trump.

Mr Kimmel offered up some alternative ways that Mr Trump could pay the bond.

“Something tells me over the weekend, Trump’s going to start talking about how strong Vladimir Putin is, and suddenly a dump truck full of rubles will pull up and cover this for him,” he joked, referring to the Russian president.

“But, of course, the real loser here is Melania,” he said of Mr Trump’s wife, former first lady Melania Trump.

“She may end up with half of the nothing he owns now. I hope she got an advance on that prenup because if you think she hates him now, wait until he’s poor,” Mr Kimmel said.

Mr Trump’s lawyers have reportedly asked the court to accept a smaller bond, or none at all, to block enforcement of the judgment against him and his co-defendants while they appeal the full ruling.