JLo's 'American mani' is a sophisticated twist on the classic French

 JLo's 'American mani'.
JLo's 'American mani'.

JLo's 'American mani' is impressing nail lovers for its sophisticated take on the classic French manicure. 

If there's one thing we know to be true about JLo, it's that she's always rocking the best nail trends of the moment, thanks to her celeb manicurist Tom Bachik - in case you missed it, he's the genius behind viral nail trends such as espresso nails and lip gloss nails. While sometimes JLo opts for a mani that's a tad more artistic and abstract (who remembers her gothic nail art manicure?), she also loves a classic nude mani with a twist.

This time, Tom Bachik totally delivered with a new mani style he's calling the 'American mani' - a modern twist on the classic and beloved French manicure, which has had many a modernisation attempt over the last few years with fun colours on the tips and funky designs instead of just the plain white and neutral.

JLo's 'American mani' is a rather sophisticated and neutral style - it takes the base of a classic French, but instead of white tips, Tom opted for a nude tone, making the timeless nail design more subtle. He also filed her nails into a slim, round shape, giving them an air of Old Hollywood glamour.

"One of my favorites — @jlo’s American Mani at the @dolcegabbana Italy show," he captioned a photo of the manicure, which he posted to his Instagram.

The Dolce & Gabbana outfit that she wore with this mani was equally elegant - not only did she sport a decadent, bejewelled dress with an equally opulent embellished and embroidered cape, but she also rocked three extremely large and luxurious rings with the outfit. The rings, of course, perfectly complemented her timeless and chic manicure, and we couldn't love the neutral look more.

To recreate this look, we'd recommend using a classic, neutral shade, like OPI's Bubble Bath. Not only would this shade look great on its own without a French tip, but it serves well as a base for any mani that will involve nail art, so it's truly a universally flattering shade.

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Milky nails are certainly all the rage these days, so it only makes sense that JLo would get in on the trend - especially seeing as she's essentially the Queen of trending manicures.

To achieve this look at home, we'd recommend starting with one of the best nail strengtheners to ensure your manicure lasts. Then, go in and file your nails to your liking, and your neutral base coat twice before adding the neutral "American" French design.