Jo Wood reveals secret to her bond with ex-husband Ronnie Wood: ‘I never did anything wrong!’

Jo Wood says the secret to her continuing friendship with ex-husband Ronnie Wood is that she didn’t do “anything wrong” when they were together.
The 67-year-old model married The Rolling Stones guitarist, 75, in 1985 before she walked out after he cheated on her with 20-year-old Ukrainian cocktail waitress Ekaterina Ivanova, but has now said she still has such a firm bond with Ronnie and his Stones bandmate Keith Richards, 79, and his wife she can lift the phone to them anytime she likes.
She told MailOnline after walking in the VIN + OMI ‘Spaced’ fashion show on Wednesday, in an interview published Sunday (19.02.23): “I know that I can pick up the phone and ring him if there’s anything, like, trouble or anything like that.
“But I could do that with Keith as well. I saw Keith recently, with Patti (Hansen, his wife.)
“I’m fine with them all. I didn’t do anything wrong! When you have children and grandchildren, I think it’s important... I like to know that I can say, ‘The kids have been, you know, even though they’re grown up... have a word with them!’”
Jo had daughter Leah, 44, who is an artist and gallery owner son Tyrone, 39, with Ronnie, while she had son Jamie, 48, aged 18 while in a previous relationship.
The former model still stays with Ronnie – who is married to theatre producer Sally Humphreys, 45, with whom he has six-year-old twin daughters Gracie Jane and Alice Rose – and last year suffered a broken ankle after she fell down a staircase at his home in Ireland.
Jo eloped to Las Vegas in 1973 with her first husband, fashion entrepreneur Peter Greene, and their oldest son Jamie was born a year later, before the marriage ended in 1976.
The ex-model, who met Ronnie in 1977, added about her love of sustainable fashion: “We need to change the way we live and what we wear and they prove anything could be taken and made into clothes and it's beautiful and it fits tight.
“We don’t need to be making more and more stuff. We’ve got so much stuff on this planet, we need to rein it in now. Now’s the time to start taking care of this planet.”