Joe Scarborough Gleefully Mocks James Comer For Losing Informant In Biden Probe

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough scoffed Monday at the claim of Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) that he lost the key informant in the Republican probe of President Joe Biden and his family. (Watch the video below.)

Comer, chair of the House Oversight Commitee, told a shocked Maria Bartiromo on Fox News a day earlier that he had lost track of the unidentified lynchpin of the GOP’s unproven claims that the president engaged in shady business dealings.

Republicans have spent considerable energy trying to dig up evidence of criminal wrongdoing, but have yet to provide any. Comer hemmed and hawed in trying to explain the informant’s disappearance, saying that the person is in the “spy business” and might be just lying low. He added that nine of the GOP’s 10 informants were either in jail, in court or missing.

“So, comrade, you’re telling me you’ve lost another submarine?” Scarborough joked with a laugh in reference to dialogue in “The Hunt for Red October” movie.

“Come on! You lost an informant? You lost the informant, the guy that you claimed gave you all this information that you built this entire charade on!” the host continued.

Scarborough likened Comer’s grasping at straws to Justice Department Special Counsel John Durham’s failed search to support Donald Trump and allies’ claims of a deep state conspiracy in the Russia investigation.

“What do you and Durham, like, do you guys have tea parties every weekend that talk about how you can destroy your reputations and careers?” Scarborough said. “Durham tried this, remember? He chased conspiracy theories to try to prove that the FBI was corrupt and rigged the 2016 election. He made a fool of himself time and time and time again. And now we have lost informants — in fact, the informant that this entire charade was supposedly built on.”

MSNBC columnist Charlie Sykes chimed in: “When Maria Bartiromo is questioning the credibility, you know how bad things are.”

H/T: Mediaite