John Legend 'cried' over his children's bond

John Legend "cried" over how well his oldest children reacted to their baby sister.
The 'All of Me' hitmaker and his wife Chrissy Teigen welcomed daughter Esti into the world four months ago and they were relieved to see any fears they may have had about Luna, seven, and four-year-old Miles being jealous were unfounded as their older kids are "thriving" with the new family set up.
Chrissy told E! News: "Oh, gosh, it's just so cool to see Luna and Miles like, thriving.
"Everyone asked, 'Oh, are you worried they're gonna be so jealous?' I'm like, 'They're jealous of who gets to hold her first!' They love her so much.
"Luna is so comfortable with the baby. Luna walks around with Esti, like, one handed.
"It's aming to see Miles is the king of kisses. They're so comfortable with her.
" In the first week we brought her home, John was crying just over their reaction to her. It was so amazing."
While the 'Chrissy's Court' star wanted to do "nothing" on Mother's Day on Sunday (14.05.23), she was looking forward to her annual gift from her spouse.
Interviewed before the holiday, she said: "[I want to do] nothing! Like literally nothing. That is the dream, because John's dream Father's Day is going on a date or something.
"For me, it's nothing. I would just love to stay at home. I think he might make mac and cheese.
"Every single year, John makes us a yearbook of everything we did that year. Photos that he compiles himself. He picks every single photo all the layouts and we get a book about like three inches thick of the entire year.
"So we have had that since the year Luna was born. That is my Mother's Day gift every single year and I never want anything else."