John Mayer doesn't have sex to his own music

John Mayer “wouldn’t” put his music on during sex.
The ‘Your Body is a Wonderland’ musician insisted he would let his partner choose the soundtrack when they're getting intimate in the bedroom but acknowledged he expects people think he's such a big fan of himself, he'd want to play his own records.
Asked by his good friend Andy Cohen what music he'd play to get in the mood, he said: “I think what she’s into."
And pressed whether he'd put on his own music during the SiriusXM and Pandora Small Stage Series Show, he said: “I think people think I would, but I wouldn’t.”
The 44-year-old singer - who has been romantically linked with the likes of Jessica Simpson, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston, Vanessa Carlton, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Cameron Diaz in the past - labelled himself "America's ex-boyfriend" because he doesn't think people like to publicly acknowledge their appreciation for him.
Andy said: "I think it’s so funny that I said you are America’s boyfriend and you said I am America’s ex-boyfriend,”
John argued: “I am America’s ex-boyfriend. I’m America’s ‘I can’t,’ I’m America’s - Just, I’m JM. You know? I’m JM. I’m America’s He Who Shan’t Be Named.
"I mean, if you think about it, I kind of am. Because people are super into what I do and sometimes people don’t follow me on Instagram. Because it’s like ‘I don’t’ It’s like, I mean, I love his music, but I can’t give the follow.”
During a a word association game with the ‘Real Housewives’ franchise executive producer, John labelled Ed Sheeran as a “hitmaker”, Alicia Keys as a “musician”, Kanye West an “invention” and Shawn Mendes an “angel”.
The ‘New Light’ hitmaker previously gushed about his friend, calling him “a brilliant human being” .
Speaking as Andy received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, he gushed: "I love Andy more than I can tell you. He's a brilliant human being, a hilarious cohort, a loving son and brother — and more recently he's become a proud, engaged and deeply devoted father."