Jon Bon Jovi is 'done' with performing if he can no longer sing: 'I don't want to be the fat Elvis!'

Jon Bon Jovi will quit touring if his singing is "not great".
The 62-year-old rock star - who opens up about his life and career in the upcoming Disney+ documentary 'Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story' - is still in vocal therapy after undergoing surgery in 2022 and is "good" with the idea of quitting life on the road if he discovers things are not up to scratch.
He told The Sunday Times: "It’s the parallel storyline, right? This is the first time I’m saying this. If the singing is not great, if I can’t be the guy I once was … then I’m done. And I’m good with that.
"There is a big difference between being in a studio and going out on the road. We have just recorded a new album. I sing in vocal therapy every day. But I want to perform for two and a half hours a night, four nights a week — and I know how good I can be, so if I can’t be that guy … put it this way, I don’t ever need to be the fat Elvis."
But the Bon Jobi star then confessed he will be "crushed" if it does turn out that he is no longer able to perform live even though ultimately his wish is to be able to look back on four decades of his rock band with "appreciation" for everything.
He said: "I can tell you that 60 is different from 50 and my current concern is that I’m going to forget how to sing. I’ll be crushed if I can’t sing live again, but what does a quarterback do when faced with the last ball he’ll ever throw?
"That’s the situation I’m in. I want to look back on 40 years of Bon Jovi, look forward to the new album and appreciate everything. That’s my hope: to find joy in it all."