Jonathan Bailey dedicates Critics Choice to LGBTQ+ community: ‘This is for you’

Jonathan Bailey has dedicated his Critics Choice Award “to every LGBTQ+ person living in a bigoted community which still surround us”.

The British star, 35, won the award for best supporting actor in a limited series for his role in Fellow Travelers, opposite Matt Bomer playing lovers who meet in the 1950s when homosexuality was outlawed.

“For many, it’s an education, but for us, it’s a vital truth. This series is a much-needed reminder that LGBTQ+ people have always existed, mostly hidden,” Bridgerton star Bailey said.

“They have always been fighting for an easier life for the generations that followed. So I thank those who came before me, who created a world where I can stand here today and win an award for telling their story.

“The character I play, Tim, I’ll carry him forever. His love story with Hawk teaches us to tell the special people in our lives that we love them before it’s too late.”

He added: “So to my Fellow Travelers family, to all the people who lost their lives and loves in the ’80s and ’90s and to every LGBTQ+ person living in a bigoted community, which still surround us, this is for you.”

Bailey said he shared the award with 46-year-old Bomer and writer Ron Nyswaner who “created the most beautiful, bruising important series”.

He also sent love to his 93-year-old grandmother “who took me to the theatre when I was five and gave me a vocation”.

“I’m bringing this trophy back to you and a cup of tea on Tuesday,” Bailey added.