Jonathan Van Ness' pets are a 'huge part' of their self-care routine

Jonathan Van Ness' pets have taught them "unconditional love".
The 36-year-old star - who is best known for appearing on 'Queer Eye' - has revealed that their pets play a big role in their self-care routine.
Jonathan told E! News: "My health is really good. But health is not only what we eat: Health is also self-care. And for me, my relationship with my animals - my cats and dogs - is a huge part of my self-care.
"It helped me learn about how to take care of someone other than myself. It taught me unconditional love."
Jonathan is the proud owner of three rescue dogs - Elton, Rose and Pablo - as well as five cats.
The TV star has thanked their pets for helping them to overcome their health troubles.
Jonathan said: "When I have dealt with whatever anxiety, and disordered eating, and diagnoses that I've been public about and shared, my relationship with my animals is always something that's helped me be consistent.
"It's helped me when I've felt sad, anxious, isolated, alone. So I think our pets, they can offer us so much love and so much support. And that's part of why I love animals so much."
Jonathan found out that they were HIV-positive back in 2012, and the TV star turned to a therapist after falling into depression.
Jonathan - who is non-binary - said in May: "There's so much strength in asking for help. I'm living with HIV, I got it when I was in my mid-twenties, and I was really depressed and was like not in a good space.
"I needed therapy and I didn't want to ask for help, and then when I finally did, it started to get better."