Jonny Lee Miller 'hid in LA' after Trainspotting success

Jonny Lee Miller "hid in LA for a couple of years" following his sudden rise to fame.
The 51-year-old actor shot to stardom as Simon 'Sick Boy' Williamson in 'Trainspotting' in 1996 - but Jonny feels that he subsequently made some poor career choices.
The London-born actor told The Independent: "I was young and foolish."
Jonny feels he missed out on some "career opportunities" because he was still new to the movie industry.
He shared: "I ran away from my life and hid in LA for a couple of years, not taking advantage of career opportunities. But that’s just how life is sometimes. I wasn’t really smart about stuff."
Despite this, Jonny still feels a little uncomfortable when he's asked to speak in public or to promote any of his projects.
The actor - who currently stars in 'A Mirror', a play at the Trafalgar Theatre in London's West End - shared: "Honestly, I’m not the most eloquent individual in the world. The more I sit here wangin’ on about stuff, the more I feel like ‘How is this gonna help?’
"But then, you really need to get people to come and see the play ... I worry. I don’t find these things very comfortable, but I’m also like, cool - let’s do it, this helps."
Jonny made his film debut more than 30 years ago, and he's enjoyed lots of success during the course of his career.
However, he's never felt like he's been particularly "creative".
Jonny explained: "I’m imaginative, but I’m not creative.
"My sisters are creative. They can draw and paint. But I don’t, and can’t, and don’t have a desire to.
"Acting is more observational, I suppose. You’re fulfilling someone else’s vision, so you’re just a small part of it."