Jordanian content creator starts 'wheelchair challenge'

STORY: This content creator is inviting people to take part in the ‘wheelchair challenge’

Location: Amman, Jordan

Ezzat Dablan started the online challenge since being diagnosed with vitreous bone disease

He invites people to sit in a wheelchair and use it for daily tasks

posting the experiences on his Instagram account 'Ezzat Experience'

"Abdo will be the first person with us today to experience the wheelchair challenge." What Abdo didn't know is that I will tie his legs. He thought it would be easy. The first challenge awaiting Abdo was how to enter the house alone. Abdo said it was easy. Seconds later..."

His goal is to highlight the challenges faced by people with disabilities in the Arab world

"The message I want to deliver as Ezzat is that I am just like everybody. People with disabilities are the same as everyone, we only differ in our capabilities and that's it."