Josh Duhamel's son has retro baby name idea

John Duhamel's son wants to name his sibling Gary.
The 'Buddy Games' host and his wife Audra Mari announced earlier this week they are expecting their first child together and the 50-year-old actor revealed 10-year-old Axl - who he has with ex-wife Fergie - is just as excited as they are about the impending new arrival and has suggested a moniker for the tot.
He told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I'm going to be a father again soon. I'm very excited about it, I really am," Duhamel told ET's Rachel Smith in a new interview. "And so is she, so is my son. We're very lucky and all we can hope for is a healthy baby.
"[Axl is] going to be a good big brother."
Asked if there's a name he wants for the baby, he laughed: "Gary. Him and Audra have this thing where they like to say the word 'Gary.' It's weird.
"I don't know if we're having a boy or a girl."
But while Josh as ruled out Gary as a baby name, he's got a compromise in mind.
He quipped: "We'll get a dog, we'll name the dog Gary."
The couple are usually private about their personal lives but wanted to tell fans their baby news because Audra's bump has reached a point where it isn't easy to conceal.
Josh said: "We keep it pretty private, there's a point which you have to [announce it] because she's starting to really show so we decided we'd be the ones to let people know and not let them celebrate."
The 'Shotgun Wedding' star and his wife recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary and he joked he treated Audra to a "super romantic" evening to celebrate.
He said: "I took her to a Minnesota Vikings game, it was super romantic...
"We decided to save it until we got to New York City, we celebrated a bit last night and we'll do a bit tonight."
The couple shared their baby news online a few days ago.
In a joint post on Instagram, the pair shared a photo of Audra holding ultrasound photos and wrote: "Baby Duhamel coming soon."