Joy Behar Challenges Trump Over His Revenge Tour Warning For Political Rivals

Joy Behar invited Donald Trump to put the names of “The View” hosts on his “enemies list” after he argued in favor of prosecuting his political rivals if he gets elected president again.

On Friday, Behar mocked the former president for telling Univision — which had asked about his claims of a Justice Department and FBI “weaponized” against him — that he could go after his opponents if he saw them “doing well” and beating him “very badly.”

“If I happen to be president and ... I say ‘go down and indict them,’ mostly they would be out of business, they’d be out of the election,” said Trump, who also described the criminal indictments he himself faces as “pathetic.”

Behar said the former president is “losing it” and asked her show’s panel whether voters would respond to his “constant whining about being a victim.”

She also compared Trump’s remarks to “[former President Richard] Nixon’s enemies list,” while co-host Sunny Hostin questioned whether history is repeating itself.

“Every century or so, or every couple of decades, this type of thing keeps on happening,” Hostin said. “It feels like McCarthyism. It feels like [former FBI Director] J. Edgar Hoover’s list.”

Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin claimed that Trump, who has pleaded not guilty in his criminal cases, is running for president for two reasons: to “stay out of jail” and to “get revenge on his enemies.”

The show’s panel went on to name people formerly in Trump’s corner who have turned into critics, before Behar asked if her co-hosts could be on his enemies list.

“What about us?” she said. “Try it. Go ahead, try it. We have this show every day, OK, Donald?”