Julia Fox breaks silence on brother Christopher’s arrest on weapons and drugs charges: ‘I’m embarrassed!’

Julia Fox is “embarrassed” by her brother Christopher Fox’s arrest on weapons and drugs charges.
The 33-year-old ‘Uncut Gems’ actress was out of town when her dad Thomas, 65, and younger sibling Christopher, 30, were lifted by cops on March 8 after dozens of officers including a 15-strong SWAT team swooped on their apartment at 84th Street on the Upper East Side of New York City in a dawn raid.
Speaking for the first time about her brother’s arrest, she told her TikTok followers on Thursday (16.03.23) about how she and her brother had harboured a “lot of trauma”: “I know my brother and I’ve always known him to be like – I’m not kidding, you guys – the sweetest, most gentle, kind, soft-spoken, loves animals, loves to plant flowers, has a green thumb, loves nature but I will say that my brother and I have a lot of trauma and the difference is that I’m scrappy, I’m a fighter and I threw my aggression and was able to release that rage.
She added Chris had “internalised” his rage unlike her, an said she was grateful he is now “finally going to get the help that I’ve been trying to get him for so long”.
Julia said: “I wish I could say more but I don’t want to damage his case or anything like that but I will say that I’m just embarrassed.”
The model also stressed in her clip her dad Thomas had been released the same day he was arrested and is not believed to be involved in her brother’s affairs.
Julia helped Chris on Monday (13.03.23) by co-signing a $450,000 bond with her father, Thomas, to get him out of Rikers Island.
Official statements have not been made by Julia’s brother or dad, but Page Six reporter Thomas was overheard moaning to building workers on March 10 about the incident.
He is said to have told them: “I’ve been trying to kick him out for years. The cops did me a favour.”
But it is unclear if Thomas was referring to his son or someone else.
Chris is due back in court May 4 after being charged with nine counts of criminal possession of a weapon, one count of attempted criminal possession of a weapon, three counts of unlawful possession of ammunition and two counts of manufacturing a machine gun or assault weapon.
Items seized in the apartment he shared with his dad included drug paraphernalia, pressure cookers, fentanyl, chloroform, heroin, crack and cocaine, prosecutors have said.