Julia Fox Wore a Micro-Mini Wedding Gown to New York Fashion Week

It's not your usual bridal look.

<p>Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images</p>

Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

While the calendar says that New York Fashion Week is coming to a close, Julia Fox is one celebrity who wears what she wants whenever she wants, whether or not there's a massive fashion extravaganza happening around her. And while she's no stranger to statement-making outfits — this season, she's already worn an outfit made of watches and wore pasties out with super low-rise leggings — the all-white bridal look that she wore to the Wiederhoeft show may just be the most over-the-top look she's managed to wear this week (and maybe ever).

Fox wore a full bridal look to the show, though it's probably not what anyone imagines walking down the aisle IRL. Instead of a floor-sweeping gown, her hem was super short, embellished with bows, and paired with a pair of sky-high platforms and an intricately beaded corset. Of course, a super-long veil finished the look and it had a bold, ruffled hem that reached all the way to the ground. She carried a small white bag in lieu of a bouquet of flowers. She added dramatic opera gloves to the outfit and wore her red hair parted down the middle.

<p>Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images</p>

Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

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Proving again and again that she understands the assignment, Fox noted that the women that came before her allowed her to do what she does best: catch the attention of the flashbulbs and get people talking.

“Women lost their lives so that we can dress like that,” Fox told the Post on Friday. “The amount of negative feedback was really crazy. People want women to behave and be covered up like you’re in Handmaid’s Tale or something.”

She also spoke about planning her Fashion Week wardrobe, saying that she likes to make a big impact at the very beginning so that she can make a splash right off the bat.

“That was our first look, it was the start of fashion week. I wanted to go ‘boom’ after being asleep all summer. Just come back — I’m back, ‘I’m here.’ I didn’t expect for it to really go so nuts,” Fox said. “A lot of times when people get dressed, they’re thinking, ‘will other people like it?’ And I’m always just thinking, ‘Do I like it?’ I have to think it’s cool and then I don’t really give a s–t what other people think.'”

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