Julia Louis-Dreyfus suffered 'grief' after leaving Seinfeld

Julia Louis-Dreyfus suffered "a real grief period" when 'Seinfeld' ended.
The 62-year-old actress played Elaine Benes in the long-running sitcom, and Julia admits that she struggled to move on from the show.
Julia - who starred alongside Jerry Seinfeld on the show - told PEOPLE: "There was a real grief period when the show ended that was real and felt, because we all loved each other so much."
Despite this, Julia was determined to keep working.
The comedy star has enjoyed significant success since leaving 'Seinfeld', starring in shows such as 'The New Adventures of Old Christine' and 'Veep'.
She shared: "I do very much remember wanting and thinking that I needed to keep working. I wanted to keep working. I wanted to keep doing this thing called acting. I wanted to keep pursuing it, which I've been able to do, which is great."
Meanwhile, Julia previously revealed that she urged Jerry and Larry David - the co-creators of 'Seinfeld' - to give her a more prominent role in the show.
The actress explained that she was keen to become a more central character in the sitcom, and the co-creators ultimately agreed with her point of view.
Speaking to The Daily Beast, she explained: "I never really approached it from the perspective of my gender, per se. I wanted to just play ball with everybody.
"I’m not going to lie, in the beginning, I didn’t always have a lot to do in certain episodes. And I would go to Larry and Jerry multiple times and say, ‘Hey, you guys, write me more, I need to be in this show more.’ That’s what I just kept doing. And they did."