Julianne Moore: Gun violence has nothing to do with movies

Julianne Moore thinks that violent movies are "not to blame" for gun crimes.
The 62-year-old actress - who has children Carl, 25, and Liv, 20, with husband Bart Freundlich - is seen handling a weapon in new Apple+ series 'Sharper' but insisted that while she is not a "fan of violence" on screen, it is "important" to remember that Hollywood is not to blame for rising shootings in the US.
She said: "It’s really important when you talk about gun safety and people blame entertainment to realise that the entire world consumes the same entertainment as the US, but the US has easy access to weapons. So I am not a big fan of violent movies, but I also don’t blame gun violence on entertainment."
The 'Still Alice' star has been active in campaigning for gun control since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in December 2012 - which saw 20 children between the ages of six and seven years old and six staff members killed by 20-year-old Adam Lanza - and explained she feels compelled to do so in order to keep her own kids safe before adding that she doesn't think about her fame when it comes to being an activist.
She told The Sunday Times: "[Live said to me] 'Mommy, did some kids get shot today?'' So, I’ve been very involved in the gun safety movement because I realised I wasn’t keeping my children safe if I didn’t do my part to change the legislation,” she tells me. “I thought, ‘I’m not being the kind of parent I want to be.’ I thought that if something happened to them it would be my fault.
"I don't think it is about being an actor. I think about it in terms of being a citizen of my country. If there is something you care about you feel you need to take action. So everything I’ve done politically has been about how I feel personally. A job is a job, but as a citizen you have a responsibility to participate in a community."