Jurgen Klopp's parting promise to 'special city' ahead of final game as Liverpool manager

Jurgen Klopp paid tribute to the people of Liverpool in his final news conference as manager, describing it as a "very special city" and promising: "If the city needs me, I'm there."

Klopp, who is stepping down after nine years with the team this weekend, said on Friday: "It's a very, very, very special city.

"Nothing is perfect nowadays, but the majority of people in this city... the way they deal with life, the way they welcome you, the way they treat you.

"And I don't mean me, anyone who comes to the club and arrives in this city tells me.

"I don't imagine the club will need my help in the future, but if the city needs me, I'm there. I want to be helpful in whatever way."

He added that being awarded the freedom of the city in 2022 feels like a "responsibility".

'I would scrap VAR'

The manager, who announced he was leaving the club in January because he was "running out of energy", also added: "I think they are voting about how VAR gets used because it is definitely not right.

"I wouldn't vote against VAR, I'd vote against how it's used. These people are not capable of using it properly. VAR is not the problem.

"I would vote for scrapping VAR the way it is."

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Asked about his final week in the job ahead of Sunday's game against Wolves at Anfield, he described it as the "most intense of my life".

"We've had great moments already," he said. "We don't have to pretend it's a normal week because it isn't."

But he added: "I'm a very pragmatic person. This is the last game of the season and after that, it's a holiday.

"Yesterday, the players said goodbye. We had a barbecue here. It's a lot. I have emotional moments of course. I don't know how many shirts I signed! It's all part of the thing.

"Saying goodbye is never nice but saying goodbye without feeling sad or hurt, that would have meant the time was not good. The time was great. It will be tough."

'We created something really special'

Liverpool will likely finish third to Manchester City and Arsenal following Sunday's final matches.

Klopp, who arrived at Liverpool from Borussia Dortmund in 2015, will be succeeded by Feyenoord's Arne Slot.

Asked for a few of his favourite moments this season, he chose the club's overall performance against Manchester City, and their game against Barcelona.

His favourite final was the Carabao Cup win against Chelsea, which he described as the "best night of our lives".

"In that moment it felt absolutely outstanding," he said.

"It showed everything this club is about. Our people can create some special moments. That night we all created something really special. From the club's point of view, it was the best night of our lives. I loved it."

'I burst into tears'

Finally, he apologised for not being able to read everything sent in by fans in his final days.

"Anfield is a super special place, because of the people. The people make it," he said.

"The club is special, the club means the world to so many people. Emails, letters, if I answer them all I'm here until 2028. I apologise. I couldn't sort tickets for the last game, there were a lot of requests.

"LFC TV had me read letters yesterday. With one, I burst into tears. Football changes lives and I know that. We did that.

"We have very special supporters. The last nine years meant the world to them. I'm happy about that."