Kaley Cuoco doesn’t care if you hate the screentime parenting hack she uses for her baby

Kaley Cuoco red carpet 2023
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty

If there’s one thing any new mom knows, it’s how precious it is when you get the chance to take a break. Kaley Cuoco, who is a new mom to her 9-month-old daughter, Matilda, clearly knows this very well, and is sharing the parenting tips she’s picked up so far, which include her best “hack” for getting some of that much-needed down time.

In an interview with USA Today, Cuoco shared her advice, but noted that she already knew it was going to be unpopular with some moms.

“Some people are going to hate on me for that. Don’t care,” she said after revealing that her non-negotiable “parenting hack” is screen time. “My daughter’s seen every Disney movie that there is at this point, and she loves it!”

Hey, most of us get it. Popping in Frozen or Coco can be a one-way ticket to two hours of peace and quiet when you have a baby or toddler, and no matter what anyone says about screen time, sometimes you just need those two hours of peace and quiet. Though, in Cuoco’s case, it’s more like 10 minutes. Babies’ attention spans, am I right?

“If she’s going crazy and I plop her on the couch to watch a Disney movie, like thank you, you get 10 minutes,” she said, adding that she’s grateful anyway. “That’s great. To me, that’s wonderful.”

She added, “There’s maybe the next mom who doesn’t want them to watch TV, and that’s fine too. But that definitely works for us.”

Cuoco even noted that she’s been having a good time rediscovering her favorite Disney movies with Matilda, as well as watching new ones, and that they’ve gotten some good bonding time in in front of the TV. She loves “experiencing this whole thing with her,” she said.

Even the screen time warriors are going to have a hard time finding fault with that. Sounds like Cuoco is doing just fine, and she and Matilda are going to have a special bond over their shared love of Disney movies (and peace and quiet).