Karol G wanted a smaller role in Griselda

Karol G asked for a smaller part in 'Griselda'.
The 32-year-old singer makes her her acting debut in the new crime drama mini-series - but Karol actually asked for a smaller part on the show because she was new to acting.
She told 'Entertainment Tonight': "I was super nervous. I think they came to me with a different character [to play]."
Karol revealed that the show's creators "wanted [her] more in the series". However, the 'Pineapple' hitmaker feels she's still learning as an actress.
She explained: "I was like, 'Wait, this is my first time doing this and I think I'm gonna accept something less.' I [wanted] to start learning first."
'Griselda' stars the likes of Sofía Vergara and Vanessa Ferlito, and Karol was keen to learn from her castmates.
The singer has actually likened herself to a "little sponge" on set.
She shared: "I was a little sponge absorbing everything on the set and learning a lot from my other castmates and I'm super happy.
"I think everything is so beautiful. It came [out] so beautiful. I'm super excited for what the future brings."
Meanwhile, Sofia recently revealed that she relished playing Griselda Blanco, a notorious cocaine trafficker, in the new mini-series.
And despite their obvious differences, the actress was still able to relate to her on-screen character in some ways.
Sofia, 51 - who was born in Barranquilla, Colombia - told HELLO! magazine: "There were many things that I loved about that character, because as an actor, getting the opportunity to be someone so complex was fascinating.
"I don't understand many things about her, but I took on the role because I'm Colombian, I'm a woman, I'm a mother, and I'm an immigrant."