Kate Middleton's Photo Debacle Has Inspired A Hilarious New Meme

Kate Middleton’s photo debacle may be causing a controversy over the amount of editing done to it, but it is inspiring internet artists to new levels of meme-making.

The Princess of Wales celebrated Britain’s Mother’s Day on Sunday by releasing a photo of her with her kids, George, 10; Charlotte, 8; and Louis, 5.

It was the first photo of her since January when she reportedly had abdominal surgery, and was, according to the Palace, taken by Prince William.

However, various news agencies have since removed the photo from their libraries on the grounds that it was manipulated.

On Monday, the Princess of Wales acknowledged on X that the photo of her had been futzed with, and took the blame, saying “Like many amateur photographers, I do “occasionally experiment with editing.”

She also apologized “for any confusion the family photograph we shared yesterday caused.”

But the apology proved a fact relevant to anyone who spends any time on social media: One person’s mea culpa is another person’s meme.

And as you might expect, many folks posted their own hilariously manipulated photos on X using her phrase, “Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing.”