Aussie Instagrammer's realistic bikini shot praised

Sarah Carty
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A teacher from NSW has been praised for her realistic bikini photo on Instagram, after revealing her mission is to help others be happy with their own bodies.

P.E. teacher, Kate Writer, who goes by the name dedikated_lifestyle on social media, used to weigh 120kg, before shedding 50kg in 2014 and getting down to a size 8.

Since then, Kate has gained weight after revealing she became obsessed with dieting and that losing weight actually made her body image ‘a whole lot worse’.

Kate now regularly shares pictures and videos of her fitness journey with her 133,000 followers, and they’re loving her latest bikini photo.

The 28-year-old began the caption by saying: “This is me. No fancy lighting, no beautiful outfit, no gorgeous background, no super flattering pose. Just me. Real, raw, and 100% untouched.”

She went on to say that she loves what she sees in the mirror because she’s comfortable in her own skin.

“A woman who has accepted all parts of her body - stretch marks, cellulite, pudgy tummy, loose skin, wobbly thighs - and despite what society says she is still HAPPY,” she continued.

“Don’t get me wrong, sharing a photo like this still scares the sh*t out of me. But if sharing me in my bikini, raw and unfiltered helps just one of you feel ‘normal’, then it’s worth the fear.

Because that’s my mission. To help others realise that you don’t need to be ‘perfect’ to be happy.”

Kate lost 50kg in 2014, but realised she wasn't happy. Photo: Instagram/dedikated_lifestyle

Kate initially shared her weight loss journey with in 2016, revealing that her love of junk food and takeaways got out of control when she met her boyfriend.

She would eat a chocolate bar for breakfast some days and that night would eat a home cooked meal and have a takeaway, like McDonalds.

Kate decided to change her ways after she discovered her ankles would swell up in pain from standing at her job all day.

She dropped five dress after becoming obsessed with dieting. But after she started to ‘eat intuitively,’ she began to gain weight again and now says she’s ‘living her best life’.

“I didn’t freak out when I gained weight, I didn’t feel guilt when I had a day off the gym, and I didn’t give up when I over ate,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I simply let my body do what it naturally wanted to do. Without stress, without obsession and without over thinking.

S”ure gaining weight and not fitting into your old clothes can be hard (like REALLY hard), but comparing my happiness, relationship with food and overall lifestyle-I can genuinely say that my quality of life is SO MUCH BETTER NOW

“I would much rather be curvier/bigger/thicker, be free from diet culture and have freedom around food, than be “lean” and consumed by weighing less, seeing those numbers go down every day and counting the calories in my lettuce leaves. .

“Heathy” looks different on EVERY BODY, so trust yours and let it do its thing”.

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