Katherine Ryan says she'll tour 'like a dad' as she takes Battleaxe on the road

The comedian has announced she is touring this year

LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 13: Katherine Ryan attends the European Premiere of
Katherine Ryan is going on tour. (Getty Images)

What did you miss?

Katherine Ryan has said she’s going to “tour like a dad” and leave her children at home when she hits the road this year.

The Canadian star is heading out on tour with a new comedy routine. But she revealed on The One Show that she would not be taking her three children with her.

The comedian also shared that she had a very specific reason for naming the new tour Battleaxe.

What, how, and why?

Discussing her shows, Ryan said that she had tried taking children on tour before and that she would not do it this time.

Katherine Ryan isn't taking her children on tour. (BBC screengrab)
Katherine Ryan isn't taking her children on tour. (BBC screengrab)

The TV star – who is mum to 14-year-old daughter Violet with a former partner and has son Fred, two, and daughter Fenna, one, with her husband Bobby Kootstra – explained: “I am going to tour like a dad.”

“I’m not bringing my children,” she said. “I tried to bring Fred on the road and he’s a high maintenance guy… I just don’t think a lot of boys are handed a screaming infant as soon as they come off stage!"

“And I am free again. I stopped breastfeeding at Christmas," she went on. "I’m looking forward to visiting every town and city and bringing back the Katherine Ryan that people got to know when I first came to this country. Full of life, freshly had a baby and excited to meet everyone.”

Explaining how she picked the name Battleaxe, Ryan said: “I love older women, my new show is called Battleaxe because it means a tyrant and a loud, outspoken feminist and those are all positive terms for me, not negative ones.

“And I like reclaiming words, especially words about women that are negative.”

What else happened?

Asked what fans could expect from the show, the comedian joked: “Audiences can expect to be in the car by 10pm. They will be chased out of that venue.

Katherine Ryan is a mother of three. (Getty Images)
Katherine Ryan is a mother of three. (Getty Images)

“I’m 40 years old this year and I feel like if you play it right you can have two white wines in the show, a Night Nurse in the Uber, bed with make-up off by 10.30pm.”

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