Katy Perry ‘loves’ memes of her struggling to find her seat at King Charles’ coronation

Katy Perry “loves” the memes of her struggling to find her seat at King Charles’ coronation.
The ‘Roar’ singer, 38, who performed at the concert to mark the monarch’s crowning a day after the ceremony, went viral after footage was shared of her
Wandering around London’s Westminster Abbey trying to find her place to watch Charles made king.
She told Entertainment Tonight: “You know, the memes are meme’ing and I love it.
“When you look when you look one way for fifteen seconds it’s just all of a sudden the internet takes over.”
Katy also joked: “Well, I just want everybody to know, thank you so much for your concern.”
The singer arrived at Westminster Abbey with British Vogue editor Edward Enniful, 51, on Saturday 6 May, wearing a huge pink hat.
As she peered round the brim, she appeared to get turned around before eventually pointing and asking another attendee a question before finally getting her spot.
Katy added she had a wonderful Mother’s Day when she dressed as Elastigirl from ‘The Incredibles’ for ‘Disney Week’ on Sunday’s (14.05.23) edition of ‘American Idol’.
She said about spending plenty of time watching the film with her two-year-old daughter Daisy who she had with her actor fiancé Orlando Bloom, 46: “We were watching the movie a couple of time this past week so I could really get into the mode and start talking like through the side of my mouth, which I still can’t get, but it was awesome. She loved it.
“We had a wonderful Mother’s Day this morning and then, you know, I turned into Elastigirl.
“That’s what moms do! They just know how to juggle so hard. Like, do a little brunch and then get into a full latex costume.”