Katy Perry's Cut-Out See-Through Dress Ticks Off Four Major Trends

katy perry cut out see through dress
Katy Perry Nails Four Trends In One LookGetty Images

Katy Perry has been serving look after epic look of late – from her iconic Vivienne Westwood Coronation outfit and very on trend bride-meets-mermaid gown for a Tiffany's event, all the way through to that Kill Bill-style yellow biker jacket. She's always been super stylish, obvs, but she's taken her fashion choices to a whole other level recently and we're seriously here for it.

So, naturally, when it came the grand finale of this year's American Idol, all eyes were on Katy's outfit – and trust us when we say, she seriously delivered. The singer and show judge ticked off an amazing FOUR major trends in one fell swoop with her chosen look for the occasion, rocking an orange co-ord that featured cut-outs, a see-through skirt, flower corsages (they're everywhere right now) and all-over diamanté embellishment. Just feast your eyes on this epic get-up:

The stunning two-piece is the work of Milanese designer Giuseppe di Morabito, who is known for creating some of the most glamorous and bedazzled outfits around. And happily, those who are just as obsessed as us – and have a casual £2,000 to spare – can shop Katy's exact look online now below.

Four trends in one might have the potential to be slightly too much, but Katy totally pulls it off – thanks in large part to the fact that she kept her accessories to a minimum, and her hair and make-up comparatively pared-back too. Plus, let's not forget: this look is for the finale of one of the most-watched shows on earth – so it's very much a 'go big or go home' situation, if you ask us.

katy perry cut out see through dress
Getty Images

And we're not the only ones who think so. When Katy posted the outfit to her Instagram, the comments section was flooded with compliments – including two super-cute ones from her fiancé. Orlando Bloom commented '🍑' and '🔥' under the post, and we couldn't have put it better ourselves. Keep the looks coming, Katy!

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