Kaya Scodelario: 'It's very easy to be written off as difficult to work with as a woman'

Kaya Scodelario says it's "very easy “ to be “written off as difficult to work with" as a woman in the acting business.
The 32-year-old actress - who shot to fame on British teen comedy drama 'Skins' in the noughties and is currently starring in Guy Ritchie's hit Netflix series 'The Gentleman' - says women are expected to always be "polite" and "likeable", whereas male actors can get away with being “intense” with co-stars and it be deemed "creative".
Taking part in Harper's BAZAAR UK's 'What You Don't Know About Me' video series, she said: “I remember watching a Beyoncé documentary and she was explaining that she’s very polite with people in the room.
“I’ve been in the industry for 15 years and I’ve been so very aware that as a woman, I have to work twice as hard to put a smile on my face, to seem pleasant, to seem likeable. If a male actor is intense, then he’s seen as creative, that’s just the way he is. Whereas women are held to a higher degree and it’s very easy to be written off as difficult to work with.”
Kaya admits she herself has always been overtly polite, but she is trying to be more "assertive" in speaking up for what is right.
She added: “I am painfully British and too polite sometimes, but I’m getting a lot better at making decisions and being assertive about what I want and what I think is right, and feeling as though I belong on a set just as much as anyone else.”
The ‘Maze Runner’ star insisted she is grateful to be in a job that she loves.
She said: “Every day, every moment, every job I do, I still feel really grateful to be there. I think I’m incredibly lucky to do a job that I love, and I’m really excited about the future."