Ke Hu Quan fights back tears upon accepting his Critics' Choice Award

Ke Hu Quan had to try "really hard" not to cry when accepting his Critics' Choice Award.
The 51-year-old actor starred in a string of 1980s classics such as ' Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom' and 'The Goonies' as a child before quitting the business in the early 1990s but returned in 2021 and was "so nervous" as he picked up the Best Supporting Actor award for his role as Waymond Wang in sci-fi movie 'Everything Everywhere All at Once' on Sunday (15.01.23).
In his speech, he said: " Thank you, thank you, thank you,” he began. “I’m going to try real hard not to cry tonight. Ever since our movie came out, everyone has shown me such kindness that it’s hard not to get emotional. I’m so nervous! When I think about it, my comeback story could have been very different were it not for the critics. You’ve not only helped audiences find our little movie but you’ve helped audiences remember who I am. For that I am so grateful to you."
The former 'Head of the Class' star - who carved out a career behind the camera as a stuntman in the years before he returned to acting - also picked up the Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his work on the movie at the Golden Globes earlier this month.
paid an emotional tribute to his first-ever director, 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom's Steven Spielberg, and his latest movie's filmmakers, the Daniels.
He said: "Thank you so much. I was raised to never forget where I came from and to always remember who gave me my first opportunity, so Steven Spielberg, thank you.
"When I started my career in 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom' I felt so very lucky to have been chosen and as I grew older I started to wonder if that was it, if that was just luck.
" For so many years I was afraid I had nothing more to offer, that no matter what I did I would never surpass what I achieved as a kid.
Thankfully, more than 30 years later, two guys thought of me. They remembered that kid and gave me an opportunity to try again.
Everything that has happened since has been unbelievable, Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert thank you so much for helping me find my answer, you have given me more than I could have hoped.