Keanu Reeves and Melanie Lynskey bonded at a party of photos of dogs in costumes

Keanu Reeves and Melanie Lynskey bonded at a party of photos of dogs in costumes.
The ‘Yellowjackets’ star recalled how she and the ‘John Wick’ actor felt awkward at a recent showbiz bash but they were able to block out what was going on around them by looking at pet pictures.
Melanie told The Big Issue magazine: “I always feel comfortable at work. But I feel less comfortable on a red carpet.”
Of being at the party with Keanu, she added: “He asked if I had any pictures of my dog in costume. It was so endearing. So sweet.
“I was so happy. Just one on a Santa costume, but it was enough for Keanu Reeves.”
Meanwhile, while shooting ‘Yellowjackets’ under COVID restrictions, Melanie and he castmates, including Juliette Lewis and Christina Ricci, bonded via a video sharing app.
She explained: “There were pretty strict COVID rules so we weren’t hanging out much but we got to know each other my doing Marco Polos.
“It’s an app where you leave a video message, and the next person adds theirs like a chain.
“I would look at my phone and have an hour of videos to watch while I did the dishes. That was how we shared our stories…
“If anyone was able to hack into our Marco Polos… We talked about whether we should delete them just in case. But I love having them.
“It was an amazing way to get to know everyone.”
Melanie, Christina and Juliette all found fame at an early age, so the New Zealander thinks their casting as the older counterparts of the younger cast in ‘Yellowjackets’ to be very “interesting”.
She said: “There was something interesting about our casting.
“Because it does, somewhere in people’s subconscious, put the idea of having known us as teenagers.
“People are somewhat familiar with me as a young person and very familiar with Christina and Juliet.”