Keith Richards ‘was a cross-dresser’

Keith Richards’ granddaughter says he was a cross-dresser.
Model Ella Richards claims The Rolling Stones guitarist – who has previously admitted half his wardrobe is made up of women’s clothes – used to strut around in his long-term partner Anita Pallenberg’s threads.
Ella, 26, whose parents are Keith’s son Marlon Richards, 53, and former model Lucie de la Falaise, 49, branded the Richards family a bit “mad”, “crazy” and “weird” before she used The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith’s wardrobe choices as an example of their kooky behaviour.
She told the new issue of Tatler magazine: “Most of my family are slightly mad and crazy or weird.
“They borrow each other’s clothes. My grandfather used to wear my grandmother’s (Anita Pallenberg’s) clothes, and she used to wear his.”
Keith, 79, and Anita, 75, were together from 1967 at the height of the Stones’ pomp to 1980, and had son Marlon, who is now an art curator, and daughter Dandelion Angela.
Along with Ella, Marlon also has daughter Ida.
After splitting from Anita, Keith married Patti Hansen, 66, in 1983, with whom he has daughters Theodora Dupree, 37, and Alexandra Nicole, 36.
Keith previously admitted most of his clothes are borrowed from the women in his life, including his current wife Patti.
He made the admission while speaking about how his wardrobe was raided for the Stones’ ‘Exhibitionism’ exhibition held at the Saatchi Gallery, London.
Keith said: “All I know is that I’ve been stripped of half my wardrobe. I still wear these damn things. They’re not history to me – they’re my clothes.
“I’ll find some more. I’ll tap up my old lady. That’s where most of my clothes come from.”
Ella added about the soft side to former wildman Keith, who recently said he is off drink: “(He) is very quiet and sweet and loving. He’s a lot more shy than people think.
“My dad’s more loud. You can definitely feel his presence in a room. He is highly intelligent. He knows everything about everything. He’s read every single book ever. So you can’t really beat him.”
Ella is dating photographer Sascha von Bismarck, whose brother Nikolai, 36, is in a relationship with 49-year-old model Kate Moss.
She insisted about how she lives a quiet life and prefers gaming to boozing: “I don’t like having to go out anywhere after six. I don’t really go to many pubs. I’m not a big drinker... I love video games. I have always loved ‘GTA’ (‘Grand Theft Auto’) and ‘Red Dead Redemption’.
“My heart starts beating fast when there’s a scary moment or you have to creep up on someone. I love adrenaline.
“I play by myself or when I’m at home. I don’t have (a headset] because I would never (go) anywhere.”
The March issue of Tatler is available on newsstands and via digital download from Thursday 2 February.