Kelly Brook reaches 'size sexy'

Kelly Brook feels like her "old self" after reaching her "size sexy".

The 40-year-old presenter has shed almost 30lbs in recent months and dropped down to a size 12, so couldn't be happier as she admitted she didn't feel her "healthiest or most beautiful" when she was bigger.

She said: "Now I feel like my old self again."

Kelly attributed her weight gain to the relaxed rural life she was leading with boyfriend Jeremy Parisi in Kent.

She said: "I crept up to a size 16. When my jeans started to feel tight I thought they'd shrunk in the wash. I definitely didn't feel my healthiest or most beautiful, and I wanted to feel good again."

The brunette beauty insisted her boyfriend doesn't care about her weight and didn't even notice when she got bigger.

She told Britain's HELLO! magazine: "He loves me whatever my size. He didn't even notice I'd gained weight. He doesn't care about things like that. He just likes that I sit down and enjoy eating with him. I'm not one of those girls who pushes a salad around her plate."

Kelly was able to pinpoint the moment when she was made to feel uncomfortable about her size.

She recalled: "I was at a film premiere in London, and as I posed on the red carpet in a beautiful black sequinned dress, the photographers called out: 'Breathe in Kelly!' I knew what they meant, and it was so rude. They were so used to seeing me as a twig with boobs that they were shocked when I'd filled out a bit."

Although Kelly wears a stunning diamond ring on her engagement finger, she insisted they have no plans to wed and she only wears it there as it's the only digit the jewellery would fit on.

She exclaimed: "Oh my God, no. I haven't even thought about planning a wedding, to be honest.

"We're happy as we are. Our relationship just gets better and better."