Kelly Rizzo celebrates Bob Saget's birthday

Kelly Rizzo feels privileged to have spent six years with Bob Saget.
The comedian died in January 2022, aged 65, and the blogger has taken to social media to celebrate what would have been his 67th birthday.
Alongside a series of throwback photos, Kelly - who married Bob in 2018 - wrote on Instagram: "Happy birthday [cake and heart emojis] This truly never gets less weird or surreal. But the gratitude grows every single day. I’ll never stop feeling like the luckiest person on Earth to have had the privilege of spending 6 years with this amazing man. Life is short and we never know how long we are going to be here. And I still take comfort in the fact that Bob used every minute on this planet to enjoy life to the fullest and make the world a better place. To celebrate Bob on his birthday, do as he would do…tell all the people you love that you love them, preferably in a very long and verbose voice text dictated by Siri. (sic)"
Kelly revealed that she planned to celebrate the landmark on Wednesday (17.05.23) by enjoying some of Bob's favourite pastimes.
Her post continued: "I’ll celebrate him today by having a very-cold, extra dry dirty martini with blue-cheese olives (IYKYK). And I hope he’s celebrating up there with a massive cigar (his favorite thing), a martini, and a few dozen oysters while sitting on a beach. He would love that. Thank you all for still loving Bob so much. [cake and heart emojis] (sic)"
Earlier this year, meanwhile, Kelly revealed that she sold her house after Bob's death because she found it to be "triggering" to live there.
She said on 'The Tamron Hall Show': "Something about the home that you shared sometimes can be very triggering ... even if you had wonderful memories there, even if it was such a positive experience - which it was."