Kelsea Ballerini says she's over 'unrealistic expectations' for the new year: 'Doing my damn best'

New Year's resolution? No, thanks, says Kelsea Ballerini.

The country star took to Instagram on Jan. 3 to share her thoughts on ringing in 2022, and all the expectations that come with a fresh calendar. Sharing photos of herself enjoying some time in Australia’s Byron Bay, she began the post, “Y’all. I've spent the last few days writing pages and pages of things I want to do to ‘better’ myself, my body, my relationships, my career, my life this year. PAGES. And then I realized that was only going to bring more anxiety and unrealistic expectations into my world and I just don’t have the room for it this year.”

The “Half of My Hometown” singer shared that she “ripped those pages out” and is now focused on “doing my damn best.”

“That's the goal for the year,” she continued, “because maybe the ‘better-ing’ happens when we just show up and see what meets us simply where we are. Just thought I'd share in case any of your algorithms were also sending you into a shame spiral of not being good enough already. We are.”

Fans applauded the message in the comments section. One wrote, "I love how u always try to look at the positive of everything. It helps a ton of people and this message can relate to A TON of people. I know it did to me." Another added, "Thank you! Definitely in a shame spiral right now and this just made me feel so much relief! You’re amazing as always."

Ballerini, who last year released her poetry book Feel Your Way Through and worked as an ambassador for Aerie’s #AerieREAL Voices campaign, previously spoke to Yahoo Life about bucking the pressure to live up to an idealized body image.

"You’re in your underwear and you're going to see my stretch marks on my leg. Because guess what? That's normal. I wouldn't have done that two years ago," she said. "Especially while writing this book, I talked a lot about body image and eating disorders and being a part of this campaign was growth for me."

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