Kelsey Parker grateful for Ed Sheeran's support after husband Tom Parker's death

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Kelsey Parker says Ed Sheeran has been a great support since the death of her husband Tom Parker.
The Wanted singer passed away from brain cancer at the age of 33 a year ago and Kelsey explained how the 'Bad Habits' hitmaker has been a key member of her "village" of friends and family who have helped her since Tom's tragic death as he helped pay his medical bills.
Speaking on the MTV series 'Faces', Kelsey - who has daughter Aurelia, three, and son Bodie, two, by Tom - said: "Ed is just an incredible person and what he did when we needed him, I will for ever be thankful for.
"And I know Tom will for ever be thankful for everything Ed did for us."
Tom and Ed shared a security guard and Kelsey believes that the connection was the key to Sheeran's selfless gesture.
She explained: “Ed is looked after by Kev, his security guard, who was also Tom’s security.
"The love for Kev will for ever hold them together.”
Kelsey revealed that she would be willing to contribute to one of Ed's tracks to express her gratitude for his support.
Asked if the star had written any songs for her late husband, she said: "No, but Ed can write me a song if he wants – and if he wants me to do some clapping on a track, I am there."
Kelsey explained that she is convinced that Tom "strokes (her) face" while she is sleeping and often spots signs that he is watching over her and the children.
She told the Daily Star newspaper: “I feel Tom’s presence all the time. This month he’s been with me a lot.
“I ask him for signs and he gives me them. He strokes my face when I’m asleep.
“And I’ll see feathers everywhere. It happened when I went to the park the other day.
"There were feathers on the floor. No-one else noticed them but I did."