Kendall Jenner just dyed her hair honey blonde and it’s perfect for summer '23

kendall jenner dyes her hair honey blonde for summer 2023
Kendall's honey blonde highlights scream summer ☀️Getty Images

In a move that surely proves blonde to be the colour of summer 2023, Kendall Jenner has taken to the upcoming season of The Kardashians with newly dyed hair. The brunettes among us, you may want to look away now...

To share a glimpse of the model's fresh look prior to the season 3 release (which, BTW, airs 25 May on Hulu), celebrity hair colourist Matt Rez took to Instagram with a snap of Kendall's "#brunettebalayage", as he calls it.

Now, while the following is not a peroxide transformation (Kourtney Kardashian, we're looking at you), Kenny is still providing all the drama with her lighter golden locks. "Sunkissed hair goals ☀️🫶", Matt writes in the caption of his post.

Keeping her roots their natural chocolately mocha hue, Matt – and his team of glam squad professionals, including hair stylist Cherilyn Farris and assistants Javi Garcia, Renae Miyashiro and Tommy Cotton – created a soft blend of honey blonde tones throughout the mid-lengths-ends of her chest-length tresses.

And in terms of the style, Cherilyn has opted for a loose soft wave – an effortless take on no-fuss hair.

As the unspoken rule assumes (that is, going lighter for spring/summer and darker for autumn/winter), Kendall isn't the only star to have freshened up their locks this season. Dakota Johnson and Sophie Turner have both played around with the bleach and despite Camila Cabello channeling her inner emo phase, y'know what we always say: three is not a crowd, but a trend.

So, why not follow in Kenny, Dakota and Sophie T's footsteps and book in for some haircare this coming bank holiday weekend (read: a dye appointment at your local salon). I know I will!

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