Kendall Jenner’s 'raisin butter' lipstick will see us through the rest of winter

kendall jenner on the red carpet with hair down and sheer dress
Kendall's 'raisin butter' lip is a winter warmerMichael Kovac - Getty Images

We're always here for a dramatic lip look, but sometimes plum lipstick can feel a bit too 'done' and we just want to pare it back and go for something a bit more simple. This is exactly what Kendall Jenner's trusted makeup artist Mary Phillips has done for the model's latest shoot for her company, FRWD. The photos are all about apres ski, with Kendall wearing nothing but a big woolly jumper and a cowboy hat (chilly). So, naturally, the look needed an equally 'I just threw this on' half-dressed lip look too. Enter: the classic 90s rum 'n' raisin lipstick.

Mary posted snaps of the shoot to her Instagram captioned "apres ski cutie @kendalljenner ❄️🤍", and we were instantly taken by Kenny's warm buttery lip look, a lighter take on the traditionally deeper raisins, which we have decided to call 'raisin butter'. And it's a real winter warmer.

The red-brown hue is universally flattering when deepened or lightened in line with your skin tone, and is a really soft way to wear colour through the dreary final months of winter without feeling like your makeup is shouting through the grey. However, we also have no objection to that either.

Here it's worn with bare-look skin and a rosy flush of blush carried right up over the bridge of the nose and the sides of the face, giving the real appearance of having just been out on the slopes, flush from the cold wind and the winter sun. Given Kendall's love of snowboarding and skiing, it could well be the work of the elements and not Mary.

But the lip? That's all her. And if you want to recreate it, we've picked out some of our favourite shades to do the job, with a range of depths and undertones.

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