Kenya Moore: I'm afraid of falling in love

Kenya Moore feels "a little afraid" of falling in love.
The 52-year-old TV star has returned to the dating scene following her split from Marc Daly - but Kenya remains cautious about falling in love again.
She told PEOPLE: "I'm focusing on myself now, which includes being able to go out and date. Do I want to fall in love and have a serious relationship? I'm a little afraid of that."
Kenya is determined to not rush into another relationship.
She shared: "I want to be able to date and I don't want to move too fast with anybody.
"So that's why I think it's nice to have someone you really like, but it's also nice to have options so you can just not feel there's a pressure for it to become something."
Despite this, Kenya remains hopeful of finding love again.
She said: "I think it will present itself when it's time, but I just don't want to ever feel like so many people feel when they're single and they're of a certain age ... that pressure that society puts on you or other people put on you.
"I just feel like now I feel more in control [of my life] ... But it's like, 'Ah, if it's out there, it's out there. If it's not, it will come.'"
The 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star has also returned to feeling "sexy" once again.
She explained: "I didn't know I could laugh like this again. I didn't know I could feel sexy.
"I didn't know I could go be that girl again that changes her clothes three times before going out on a date. I was never thinking, 'Wait, what now is this skirt? What message is this sending?' It's really interesting to revisit all of that."