Kerry Katona 'gutted' after operation is cancelled

Kerry Katona is "gutted" after her stomach operation was cancelled.
The 42-year-old star - who has Molly, 21, Lilly, 19, Heidi, 15, Max, 14, and eight-year-old DJ from previous relationships - had cleared her schedule for a month in order to recover from the corrective surgery on her abdomen, but was left "crying [her] eyes out" after doctors declared the procedure, as well as an eyelid lift, couldn't go ahead because she had recently been treated for an illness.
She wrote in her column for new! magazine: "I was preparing to have corrective surgery on my stomach, as well as an eyelid lift, but sadly my operation was cancelled.
"I have booked the whole of January off around this surgery but, as you all know, I was really poorly over Christmas.
"The doctor saw on my notes that I'd been on antibiotics and, because of that, I couldn't go under as they have to be 100% sure I'll be OK.
"I was crying my eyes out - I'm at home, I've cancelled all my work for weeks.
"But fair play to them for thinking about my health first. I'm grateful for that."
The former Atomic Kitten singer is now concerned about finding a new date for the operation because of her workload.
She added: "I'm gutted though because I prepared myself. I'll be going for an X-ray and blood tests soon to make sure I'm OK to go ahead with the procedures. The problem is my workload, so I'll have to work around that too and figure out a new date."
Kerry doesn't see any problem with having cosmetic surgery, especially now she's in her 40s.
She wrote: "As soon as I hit 40, my whole body completely changed and I find it so much harder to shift weight. I've had my babies and I don't plan on having anymore, so why not have a few tweaks?"