Kesha remembers seeing her 'first ghost' aged 'four or five'

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Kesha "saw her first ghost" when she was "four or five years old".
The 35-year-old star - who is exploring the paranormal with her new series 'Conjuring Kesha' - has opened up about her early experience with the supernatural, which came after her grandmother had died.
She told 'Entertainment Tonight': "My love for the supernatural has kind of been omnipresent throughout my entire life.
"My mom always talked to me about spooky things. I remember one of my first books, it had a giant alien on the cover and it would move around the house...
"I think I saw my first ghost at about age four... I remember being in a house we lived at when I was like four or five years old and my grandmother had just passed away.
"I remember being in the living room and seeing a light come in through the window and in my heart I understood it, an understanding that that was her saying goodbye."
The 'Raising Hell' hitmaker noted her new show - which sees her visit the Historic Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary and other haunted places across the United States - comes from a desire to explore the "spiritual and supernatural".
She added: "I like to think that I have an understanding between the supernatural and myself.
"I have a song, 'Supernatural,' about the supernatural, and I have always been fascinated with what I can't see, what our brains can't comprehend.
"I would like to think my intention is spiritual and supernatural exploration... So I am just here to see what wants to present itself to me."
Meanwhile, she hopes people can take inspiration from the series and think about the supernatural in a different way.
She said: "I really hope that people see, through our experiences, that there is something more to life, maybe, than just the tangible objects in our path.
"Maybe there is spirit, maybe there is manifestation, maybe there is some intention, maybe there is afterlife. Maybe there are demons."