Kevin Bacon reveals darkest 'six degrees of separation' to date

Kevin Bacon discovered his six degrees of separation with the man who assassinated Abraham Lincoln.
The 'Friday the 13th' actor is no stranger to the 'Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon' phenomenon, which is a viral game based on the idea all humans can be connected by six social connections or less and sees people drawing lines between the star and other famous faces.
He told E! News: "One of the most interesting ones I ever saw — this is pretty dark — was that somebody connected me to John Wilkes Booth, who was the guy that assassinated Abraham Lincoln.
"Because he was an actor, and he was in a play with someone who was in a silent film, and then the connections continued from that point on.
"So, it was six degrees all the way back to John Wilkes Booth."
The 64-year-old star also opened up on the pride he feels for his daughter Sosie Bacon, who stars as psychiatrist Dr. Rose Cotter in recent horror movie 'Smile'.
She said: "I'm always proud of her. If nobody went to the movie, I would still be proud of her - but she did a great job, she really carried that film with a hard, hard part.
"I know, having done horror and also just being an actor my whole life, I can look at that performance - plus she moved back in while she was filming it. She lives in LA, she shot it in New York.
"So we saw what she looked like coming home from work everyday, and that was a tough one - but I'm really excited for her."
When it comes to the possibility of the father and daughter duo sharing the screen together one day as Sosie continues to build her own acting career, he isn't ruling it out.
He added: "You never know, you never know, we got some ideas."