Kids party goes viral thanks to its surprising theme: 'I am cackling!'

Footage of the birthday bash has 1.3 million likes and has been shared 239k times.

Move over princesses and pirates, there's a new kids' birthday party theme in town, and it's not your typical fairytale affair. While Pinterest boards overflow with ideas for Bluey bashes, construction-themed celebrations, and unicorn extravaganzas, one party has swept the internet off its feet this week - and it's all cleaners.

*Checks notes*

Yep. Vacuum cleaners.

The unlikely theme has sent Jake's 4th party viral online. Photo: TikTok/
The unlikely theme has sent Jake's 4th party viral online. Photo: TikTok/@bgints5

You see, 4-year-old Jake is a lover of all things vacuum-related. When it came time to plan his birthday bash, his parents decided to think outside the box, or should we say, outside the bag? They took inspiration from Jake's peculiar passion and crafted a party that sucked in attention from all corners of the web.


Jake's parents captured the festivities on TikTok, and the video quickly went viral, racking up millions of views and likes.

Jake's vacuum-themed birthday party became a viral sensation. Photo: TikTok/
Jake was gifted with multiple vacuum cleaners of different sizes, and he wasted no time in setting to work. Photo: TikTok/@bgints5

In the footage, Jake sports a shirt embellished with his favourite cleaning companions for the celebration, while guests marvel at the ingenious decor - mini ROOMBA cookies, instruction manual decorations, a cake complete with EUFY vacuum decal, and presents galore, including his very own handheld dust buster.

But the pièce de résistance? Blowing out the birthday candles with the power of suction. With a swift whoosh of air from the vacuum nozzle, Jake's candles flickered and extinguished, much to the delight of partygoers.

A party that really sucked

And Jake's fun didn't stop there. Armed with his trusty handheld vacuum, Jake went on a cleaning spree, zipping around the living room in search of dust bunnies and crumbs to devour.

The party was also a hit among online spectators.

"I love this!" exclaimed one viewer, clearly entertained by Jake's unique birthday bash. "I am sad no one made him an array of messes to vacuum up," they added with a chuckle.

Another viewer chimed in, "I am cackling!" while a third remarked, "Kids are so funny!"

Amidst the laughter, one person shared their own humorous birthday party anecdote, saying, "We just gave my 3-year-old a smoke detector birthday."

Pointing out the added practicality of Jake's vacuum-themed presents, one commenter quipped: "A gift to the parents as well, a clean home!"


Reflecting on the unconventional theme, another person pondered, "I'm turning 31 and honestly I'm wondering if people would also bring me vacuums if this was my theme." Who knows? It might just catch on!

Making parties a cake-walk

Inspired by the innovative and joyful spirit of Jake’s party, eufy Australia has responded by making vacuum-themed birthday cakes available to order across the country, directly from the eufy website. These cakes, inspired by eufy's leading Robotic vacuum cleaners not only promise to add a buzz to any celebration but the proceeds go to charity.

Priced starting at $150, these one-of-a-kind cakes are not just a treat for the eyes and the palate but also for the heart. eufy is committed to donating 50% of cake sales to The Make-A-Wish Foundation, ensuring that each piece serves up a dose of happiness to those in need.

In a world filled with princesses and pirates, Jake's vacuum-themed birthday party proves that sometimes, the most unexpected ideas are the ones that truly suck you in.

To order your vacuum-shaped cake and to learn more about this initiative, visit

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